LetzBake! Tezos Public Node


teznode.letzbake.com is a secure public Tezos mainnet node. It can be used by anyone to get access to the RPCs of the node.

It is accessible by https on port 443

How to use

This public node is configured to work well with wallets such as TezBox and Galleon.

TezBox Desktop Wallet

TezBox Settings --> enter: https://teznode.letzbake.com --> click on "back"

TezBox Chrome Wallet

TezBox Settings --> In the "RPC Address" section click on "Enter Custom Address" --> enter: https://teznode.letzbake.com --> click on "back"

Galleon Wallet

Galleon Settings --> In the "Choose a Different Node" section click on the "Tezos Nodes" field --> click on "Add a Custom Node"

--> enter "Node Name": LetzBake! Public Node
--> leave "API" field blank
--> enter "URL": https://teznode.letzbake.com:443/
--> click on "Back to Wallet"

Tezos Client (CLI)

Go to your client's config file: nano .tezos-client/config (folder may differ on your machine) and modify the following entries:

--> "node_addr": "teznode.letzbake.com"
--> "node_port": 443
--> "tls": true


The node restricts access to most RPCs needed for more advanced usage.

If you are a developer and need access to other RPCs than currently provided, please let us know.


For any information or reporting of errors: hello@letzbake.com

This service is provided for free by LetzBake! - Your reliable and secure Tezos baker.